Welcome to the oldest neurofeedback center in the KC metro area!

Established in 2005, we are a group of expertly trained neuro-regulation clinicians – utilizing cutting-edge neurofeedback, bioregulation, biofeedback, and psychotherapy interventions to help optimize your personal potential.

We can’t let stress consume our lives.

Life’s just getting faster and more stressful, and it feels like stress is coming at us from all angles. Even if we’ve learned to cope with the daily grind, those stressors aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s essential for us to strengthen our resilience so we can navigate through these challenges and be at our best. Together, we’ll work on building the skills to handle whatever comes our way with confidence and grace.

Our mission is to empower our community by enhancing its neuro-regulatory capacity, one individual at a time. A better regulated nervous system is more resilient and promotes a higher quality of life!

We train your brain and nervous system to become better regulated

We teach you strategies/help you adjust to a better-regulated nervous system

We encourage you to continue practicing stress reduction and resilience-enhancing techniques

Neurofeedback Services

Neurofeedback is a learning process wherein, with the assistance of a trained clinician and the EEG interface, the brain learns to re-regulate itself, thereby optimizing one’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

BioRegulation Services

BioRegulation therapies enhance cellular communication, paving the way for the body’s innate capacity for healing and self-regulation. Utilizing very low-intensity electromagnetic signals to generate gentle bioelectric fields, or near infrared light (NIIR) to stimulate cellular respiration, the PEMF and Vielight devices facilitate seamless biological communication within and between cells.

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