Neurotherapy is a painless and non-invasive procedure.

The first step is a thorough evaluation. Then, treatment begins.

  1. Sensors are placed on the scalp and ear. Brain waves are recorded, amplified and sent to a computer that processes the signal and provides the proper feedback.
  2. Feedback about brain activity is given to the client/trainee, typically by means of a video game. The client/trainee is simply asked to play the video game with his/her brain. As desirable brain wave frequency increases, the video game responds. The brain responds to the information given and gradually develops alternative brainwave patterns.
  3. Once this new learning is consolidated, the new pattern of regulation stabilizes and the changes appear to last. Continued neurofeedback becomes unnecessary.

The person does all the adjusting. The equipment does not send any information to the brain; the equipment merely reads the electrical signals from your brain and gives feedback. The marvelous brain does the rest.