Finding a Neurofeedback Provider

Although neurofeedback is an extremely powerful and successful intervention for both remediating issues and enhancing optimum functioning, its’ effectiveness is highly dependent upon the expertise of the provider. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you find the right provider.  In choosing your clinician you need to check out his or her credentials and experience, both with your issues and with the practice of neurofeedback.  Ask as many questions as you can before deciding on a clinician.

Below are some guidelines when finding a neurofeedback provider:

  • Ask specific questions about background.  Look carefully at credentials, experience, and education in both their clinical and neurofeedback training.
  • Make certain that they are licensed in a medical field. What is their degree; a Master’s should be the minimum requirement.
  • Ask if they (the licensed individual) provide the service directly or if they use technicians.
  • Find out where they got trained professionally.
  • Ask how much training they have in neurofeedback? How many courses have they taken? How much continuing education do they receive? Ask if they are certified in neurofeedback?
  •  Ask how long have they been doing neurofeedback? How many clients have they actually done neurofeedback with? How many people with your kind of situation have they dealt with?
  • If their experience is limited, ask if they work with a mentor, or get supervision on difficult cases. Ask who their mentor is.
  • Inquire about other kinds of therapies and modalities they practice?


Contact us if you have any further questions.