HRV (Heart Rate Variability training)

The Heartmath is an HRV biofeedback device that trains the actual variability of the heart rate. It measures the coherence of that variability and feeds that information back to you so that your body/brain may make appropriate changes to become better regulated. Coherence is a measure of the ordered smooth sine-wavelike rhythms. These particular rhythms are associated with better overall functioning – better attention, clarity of thinking, stress resilience, sleep patterns, etc.

It is safe and can be used as a stand-alone tool or with neurofeedback and other biofeedback interventions. Frequent, regular use can help the body shift, decreasing symptoms and enhancing daily functioning. Competitive athletes utilize this particular device for enhanced peak performance training. Also, it is the ideal tool for every dorm room,
classroom, boardroom, break room, and home in the world!

Many HRV training devices are on the market to buy, and they vary. We have only one that we recommend, Heartmath. It comes in 3 different versions – Emwave (for PC), Emwave (handheld device), and Inner Balance (for smartphones). They all achieve the same goal – increased coherence for heart rate variability.

The best one for you to buy is the one you are most likely to use regularly!!

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