Quantitative EEG – is a real-time measure of the electrical activity of the brain.

Sensors are placed on the scalp at standard placement sites utilizing hyper conductive paste. These sensors detect electrical activity on the surface of the brain. This electrical activity appears as brain waves that are recorded and analyzed. This procedure is non-invasive, as only scalp electrodes are used.

Based on the analyzed data, the qEEG printouts show different “pictures” of the brain. One shows variation from normative databases of specific frequencies in the brain. Another offers the connectivity and coherence of other areas of the brain.

Optimal brain synchronization is the basis for all mental activity. The brain is the total of all multiple networks, and qEEG allows seeing how efficiently these networks operate at any point in the life cycle. Baseline qEEGs followed by periodic qEEGs will measure the function/dysfunction of the brain at any recorded time. qEEGs gather similar data as a typical EEG recording, but the data obtained is analyzed differently.

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