The Vielight is a brain photobiomodulation device intended to increase overall brain health, cognition, memory consolidation, and neuronal resiliency. *Photobiomodulation therapy is the use of light – specifically non-ionizing forms of light including lasers, LED’s, and near infrared (NIR) spectrums – to stimulate neuronal activity, increase localized blood flow, decrease inflammation, and enhance mitochondrial function. The Vielight uses 810nm NIR light, to help heal damaged cells and specifically target the default mode network (DMN) enabling patients to rewire certain patterns and processes.

Acute increases in mobility, balance, and cognition have been observed amongst Parkinson’s patients with a noted increase in dopamine production and connectivity. Vielight therapy also yielded particularly astounding results amongst pro athlete post-concussion patients including, “increased brain volumes, improved functional connectivity, increased cerebral perfusion, and improvement on neuropsychological test scores.” Patient reports include marked decreases in headaches, sleep issues and anxiety, and improvements in attention, concentration, and focus.

There are a number of ongoing studies investigating the potential for photobiomodulation therapy to reverse mild to moderate symptoms in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, improve quality of life in Parkinson’s patients, and directly address depression and other effects stemming from concussion and traumatic brain injury. Vielight has yielded positive outcomes in symptom remediation — both cognitive and respiratory — amongst patients suffering from long Covid.

*As of mid-2023, over 2,500 studies ( address the applicability of photobiomodulation to improve various conditions.

Basic Science

When exposed to NIR energy, light sensitive enzymes called cytochrome C oxidase contained within neuronal mitochondria initiate a cascade of biochemical reactions that increase ATP production (adenosine triphosphate) and release nitric oxide – both of which stimulate cellular respiration, increase blood flow and vasodilation contributing to cellular proliferation and production of anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. The end result of the mechanisms have been shown to be facilitating cognitive processing in the elderly and brain injured populations.

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