Laura Bratt MA, LMLP, BCN

Laura’s focus is the whole person.

Laura began working in the field of mental health in 1982, prior to her graduate work, at a woman’s clinic in Dallas, TX. After receiving her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Tech University, Laura moved to Miami, FL in 1987. During that period of time, Laura worked in a variety of settings – locked and open psychiatric units, chemical dependency hospital units, and outpatient social services (completing emergency evaluations).

Laura’s introduction to neuroscience-oriented work began with a shift to working with brain rehabilitation at an inpatient rehab facility (Sea Pines Rehab Hospital) on the Florida Space Coast. The neurofeedback chapter of Laura’s life began in 2003 when she and her husband began their own emerging neurofeedback practice in the KC Metro area. Together they built the oldest current neurofeedback center in the area, utilizing cutting-edge neurofeedback and biofeedback technologies. Laura’s interests are varied – working with the monks of Plum Village (France); trauma; concussion healing, neuromeditation, programs for veterans and 1st responders; recognizing/working with highly sensitive individuals, to name a few.

While being a community Neurofeedback Center that addresses the needs of the community, the focus is always on utilizing all techniques and technologies to optimize each individual brain in the pursuit of self-empowered health. It is Laura’s guiding principle that each individual is functioning optimally when the brain, the heart, and the gut are all aligned and body, mind, and spirit are addressed as parts of the whole.