Nirma Ali, MA, LCPC, BCN

Nirma graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Master’s degree in psychology. Her practicum experiences were in working with victims of violence and children on the autism spectrum. Her time working as an intensive care therapist in a behavioral health facility expanded her knowledge and experience with individuals diagnosed with psychiatric disorders spanning across the spectrum. Nirma had a particular focus at the time in working with addictions, specifically, substance use disorders. She did individual and group work with this population. Nirma even taught Introduction to Psychology at Houston Community College.

Because Nirma considers it vital to tailor treatment modalities to the individual, she has been trained in hypnosis and EMDR, as well as neurofeedback. The neurofeedback part of her career began in 2016 when she just happened to sit next to a neurofeedback clinician looking for some help at a conference. Synchronicity!

Nirma enjoys expanding her knowledge base about neurofeedback and its expansive applicability. She believes her therapeutic skill sets are enhanced by her personal growth. She enjoys reading, yoga and spending time with family and friends. Traveling and exposing herself to other cultures is a passion for Nirma. She is always excited to continue exploring the countless beauty the world has to offer.