Brain dysregulation manifests in diverse forms, spanning from excessive fatigue and insomnia to mania and from hyperfocus to attentional issues. At Midwest Neurofeedback, we specialize in crafting personalized protocols to enhance your brain’s regulation and elevate your overall quality of life. Our neurofeedback and bioregulation therapies are designed to address a broad spectrum of symptoms, helping you find relief and rediscover balance.

Be sure to schedule a consultation today to explore what type of intervention is right for you. Below are just a few of the symptoms we target with our transformative therapies:

ADD/ADHD: Attention issues
Attachment Issues
Affect Regulation Disorder/Emotional Regulation Issues.
Anxiety disorder/Panic attacks
Autism, Spectrum disorders
Anger/Rage issues

Behavioral disorders, Impulse Control issues
Bipolar disorder

Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME
Chemo Brain
Covid/Long Covid Symptoms

Depression/Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD)
Developmental Trauma

Eating Disorders

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,

Gastrointestinal Issues

Head injury/Concussions

Immune System Dysfunction
Insomnia/Sleep issues

Learning Issues
Lyme Disease

Menopausal symptoms/PMS/postpartum depression
Medication Titration/Tapering, Psychiatric Medication, Titration
Memory Problems

OCD-obsessive compulsive behavior/thoughts,

Peak performance,
Parkinson’s disease, symptoms,

Restless, leg/Periodic limb movements

Sleeping disorder
Spasmodic dysphonia
Sensory processing disorder
Stroke/Post-stroke symptoms
Substance abuse/addiction

Test Anxiety
Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Tics/Tourette’s syndrome
Trauma issues/symptoms

Neurofeedback is also utilized to enhance performance. Athletes, musicians, singers, students, dancers, pilots, surgeons, and executives have all used Neurofeedback to optimize their performance in their respective fields.

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*We must stress that Neurofeedback does not treat specific disorders. It is used to improve the conditions.